Annual Report & Life-Saving Stats

Northshore Humane Society believes that transparency and accountability to our supporters goes hand-in-hand with our lifesaving mission. Governed by a professional, volunteer Board of Directors, our organization believes in strategic planning with a fiscally-responsible approach to program expansion and growth. As we endeavor to save more lives, we must garner the necessary resources through private donations. We believe our donors, volunteers, and supporters choose to support a sustainable, credible organization with a proven track record of professional, nonprofit management.

We comply with all federal, state and IRS regulations to ensure the best management of our assets so we can save more lives. Please find our annual reports and life-saving numbers below. For a complete tax return or any questions regarding fiscal management of our organization, please contact our CEO at (985) 892-7387 x 122 or see our GuideStar profile here

Printable Versions

2017 annual report & life-saving numbers

2018 annual report & life-saving numbers

2019 annual report & life-saving numbers

2020 annual report & life-saving numbers

2021 annual report & life-saving numbers

2022 annual report & life-saving numbers