I Lost My Pet

Lost Pets

If you have lost your pet, below are some good resources to help reunite you with your pet: 

St Tammany Animal Service (Lacombe) - 985-809-0183
Call to make a lost pet report. It is also a good idea to go out there and check to see if your pet is already in their shelter. Roaming pets are picked up by animal control and held for 5 days. Check their database at petharbor.com.

Slidell Animal Control – 985-646-4267
Call to make a lost pet report. It is also a good idea to go out there and check to see if your pet is already in their shelter. Roaming pets are picked up by animal control and held for 5 days.

Your Veterinarian’s office
Notify your veterinarian’s office that your pet is missing. Verify that the contact information that they have on file is accurate. If your pet is wearing a rabies tag, it will list the name of your veterinarian.

Microchip Company
Call the microchip manufacturer to report your pet is lost. It is also good to verify the information that they have on file for you.  If your pet received a chip from Northshore Humane Society, most likely it has a 24hr Pet Watch Microchip (1-866-597-2424).

New Orleans Area Craigslist
Create a post for your missing pet under both the “Lost and Found” section and under “Pets”. Skim both headings for “found” posts that could be your dog.

The Times-Picayune / Nola.com
Place a free “Lost Pet” add through Nola.com. Also skim the lost and found classified to see if anyone has reported your pet as found.

Post on Lost and Found Pets of St Tammany West Facebook Page

Post on Lost Pets of St Tammany Parish Facebook Page

Contact your Home Owners Association to see if they can send out an email to your neighborhood if applicable.

Make and Hang Lost Pet Signs

  • Use fluorescent paper or poster Board and make each sign at least 12" X 16" - remember, you want everyone who drives by to notice your sign, so the bigger and brighter, the better. Print "LOST CAT (or LOST DOG )" in huge letters at the bottom. Print REWARD in huge letters at the top, but do not specify the amount.
  • Always use the best photo you have of your pet, preferably a color photo showing the entire pet, and the larger the photo, the better. Use actual photos if you can - if not, color copies are the next best thing, and any copy shop (Kinko’s, Office Depot, etc) can make them for you. Black & White copies of color photos are not recommended because they generally not clear enough to make the pet recognizable to strangers who may have seen him/her.
  • Include a paragraph below the photo, in smaller text, with your pet's name, coloring, hair length, and any distinctive markings, whether it was wearing a collar, and the location and date the pet was last seen. Include a phone number where you can be reached in big, bold letters, and encourage calls anytime day or night. If your pet is timid, add that your pet may run if approached, and ask folks to please call if they see him/her, whether they can get close to the pet or not.
  • It is also important to withhold at least one identifying mark or characteristic of your lost pet, in case you need it later to verify that a person has actually found your pet and is not trying to scam you - it's unfortunate, but it happens.
  • For safety considerations, DO NOT include your name, address, or a specific reward amount. The type of people that you hope will call are animal lovers who don't care about the money - not folks looking to make a profit.
  • Place flyers at area vet clinics – 8.5”x11” is the adequate. Only place flyers and signs in approved areas.

Lost Pets USA
Website that offers tips for locating a lost pet. Has an online database and offers a free downloadable flyer.

In addition to the above resources, there are companies that, for a fee, will assist you in locating your pet by calling your neighbors and notifying local veterinarians. These include www.petamberalert.com and www.lostmydoggie.com