Canine Cabbies

Our Canine Cabbies Program is a vibrant and entirely volunteer-driven enrichment initiative designed for the homeless dogs under our rescue's care.

Wearing their distinctive blue volunteer shirts, our dedicated volunteers adorn shelter dogs with "adopt me" harnesses, inviting them to embark on a day filled with joy and adventure. Together, they venture out to explore pet-friendly establishments within the community, spreading cheer and companionship wherever they go.

Beyond the fun-filled outings, this program serves a greater purpose. It provides invaluable socialization opportunities for our adoptable dogs while also serving as a powerful advocacy tool for our rescue. By showcasing these deserving dogs in public settings, we hope to capture the hearts of potential adopters and pave the way for their journey to a loving forever home.

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Want to get involved?

If you are interested in joining our team of Canine Cabbie volunteers, start by applying here!

Local businesses can also sponsor!! As a canine cabbie sponsor, your brand will be prominently featured in all program-related materials including social media posts and promotional events. Additionally, your business will be associated with heartwarming stories of compassion and companionship, further enhancing its reputation and customer loyalty. For more information and sponsorship benefits, click here.

For more information on this program or how you can get involved, contact our Events & Volunteer Coordinator at today!