Mark Steinway


Mark was born into a military family that regularly traversed the country. Camping with his family in national parks along the way solidified an early love of nature and all living things. Mark’s mother used to jokingly refer to him as “St. Francis” because he wanted to rescue and bring home every animal he encountered.

After college, Mark worked for over 25 years in broadcasting. While living in Seattle during the 90’s, a horrific case of animal abuse occurred that changed Mark’s life forever. Motivated to change the animal cruelty laws in Washington state, Mark quit his career and invested his life’s savings to start a large animal sanctuary on 80 acres of land just outside of Seattle called Pasado’s Safe Haven. Mark became an animal control officer and spent years investigating animal cruelty cases, using his broadcast skills to document and expose numerous examples of cruelty and neglect. The organization he co-founded is thriving today and has changed many laws and successfully prosecuted many animal abusers.

Mark’s life changed dramatically (AGAIN) when Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf South. He led Pasado’s rescue team, including hundreds of volunteers, rescuing over 1,200 pets in the aftermath. During the weeks of rescue work and months of reuniting pets with their owners, Mark met his (now) wife, Mindy. Mark and Mindy live close to the Humane Society, in Abita Springs, with an ever-changing number of rescued animals.